Venture Out

Keeping spiritually fit is as important as keeping physically fit. You can combine your daily devotions with physical exercise using this new resource.

Venture Out is centred around adapted Bible verses from Romans 12 and four main types of exercise - running, cycling, home workouts and walking.

Venture Out Today will help you connect the 5 ways to wellbeing to your everyday sporting activities within the restrictions that we are all currently living with. Whether returning to the gym, stadium, fitness class or to grass roots sport, we once again have an amazing opportunity to be salt and light to people around us whilst venturing further in our own faith journeys.


Venture Out

Using the mnemonic 'FIT', you are asked to Focus, Implement and take Time to pray and live out the challenge from scripture.

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Venture Out Today

This edition is centered around 5 ways to maintain good mental health and well-being while engaged in different forms of exercise.

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Venture Out Today - Bolt On

This gives more ideas to help you connect the 5 ways to wellbeing to your everyday sporting activities.

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New Resource: DIRT BALANCE

Combine exercise, reflection and wellbeing with Dirt Balance, a new devotional resource using verses from 1 Peter 5.

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I hope you can use these pointers in your daily life during the time you are keeping fit and see what the impact could be. Social distancing doesn't mean emotional or spiritual distancing, and I hope this new resource will be useable as daily rhythm for anyone to engage with and repeat.
Rob Moye, Territorial Sports Mission Enabler

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