Moving Up

The months and weeks leading up to starting school are a key time of transition for our children and young people, and honouring the emotions and practical changes that come with this transition is essential. Such milestones can lead to new flourishing when properly supported.

‘Moving Up’ was developed a few years ago for our young people and children transitioning from primary to secondary, and to support leaders with this exciting process. These resources are available to download here. We have also provided links to some other interesting and useful resources, both free and paid for, that you may find beneficial when helping young people deal with this transition.

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youth resources

Moving up - Youth and Children

Support for School progression

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youth resources

Moving up leaders guide - Youth Resources

leaders guide for school progression

Other useful resources

Explore It

Discipleship material for children’s groups. This will help your group to interact, grow and have fun together.

Cell Outlines

Compelling Bible resources for ages 12-25. The current material is specially adapted for engaging with your group online.


A resource for children's groups about wellbeing.