Candidates Sunday 2021

Candidates Sunday: 16 May 2021: Be Willing

Candidates Sunday is an important day in the territorial calendar. It is a day when we’re encouraged to put a specific focus on considering God’s calling on our lives and what that calling might mean … what it might look like … where it might take us. Within that broad subject, it is a day when we’re encouraged to think about how The Salvation Army needs officers and territorial envoys … people who are willing to sign up and step out into a new ministry with God. It is an opportunity to encourage and challenge those who are sensing that God is speaking to them about a specific calling he has on their lives.

Explore the content below to find videos to insert into your online worship. In addition to this you will also find three Bible study sessions, youth cell group material and PowerPoint templates. Transcripts for the videos have been provided to enable you to adapt any material to fit within your context if required. 


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Be Willing

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If you would like any assistance with any of these resources please call the Candidates Unit on 020 7326 2820 or send us an email.

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Candidates Sunday is an opportunity to encourage people to consider God's direction for their life and to say their yes to him.

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