Sing to the Lord - Songs Unpacked

Imagine if your group lived out the message of each song you sang! 

Resources to accompany the Sing to the Lord Children’s Voices Series

NEW for 2023: Volume 29

Explore a single song lyric for each song.

Simple and short ideas that can easily be slotted in to your practice time, to empower and develop the faith of your group. These can be led by the song leader or one of the singers.


  • A Bible verse, prayer, thought and activity.
  • Personal and group challenges to be shared each week.
  • Teaching videos on how to perform the songs with actions

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Volume 29 (2023)


One thing

Song lyric focus: 'God is with us, Alleluia!'


Gentle arms of Jesus

Song lyric focus: 'Let them walk your way'


He made them all

Song lyric focus: 'The Lord God made them all'


A waltz of praise

Song lyric focus: 'All my days, I will praise'


A heart like thine

Song lyric focus: 'Spread thy light wherever I may go'


Lions' jaws

Song lyric focus: 'My God will keep me safe'


Jesus loves even me

Song lyric focus: 'Wonderful things in the Bible I see'