Appointments 2024: All change

14 Mar 2024 | Viewpoint, Appointments
Major Julie Johnson encourages us to pray for leaders as the annual change of appointments is announced.

Comfort and joy: News of great joy

16 Dec 2023 | Viewpoint, Christmas
In a series of Advent reflections, Lieutenant Nazia Yousaf celebrates the tidings of joy that Christmas brings.

Replay value

21 Oct 2023 | Viewpoint
As a new Super Mario Bros. game arrives in shops, Ivan Radford celebrates the unconditional fresh start that God’s love provides.

Keep in step

14 Oct 2023 | Viewpoint
With Strictly Come Dancing back on BBC One, Ivan Radford asks who’s taking the lead in your life.

Baked with love

7 Oct 2023 | Viewpoint
As viewers tune in to the new season of Bake Off, Stephanie Hope considers how God made us.

Veggie for a day… or longer?

30 Sep 2023 | Caring for creation, Viewpoint
Lieut-Colonel Jonathan Roberts encourages us to try a meat-free diet for World Vegetarian Day (1 October).

Choose love every time

23 Sep 2023 | Viewpoint
As viewers pick the ending of Netflix’s Choose Love, Lyn Woods considers how we make decisions as Christians.

Love thy neighbours

16 Sep 2023 | Viewpoint
Ivan Radford reflects on the return of Australian soap opera Neighbours to TV screens.

Back to school

9 Sep 2023 | Viewpoint
Hermione (Southport) encourages us to start the new term trusting in God.

Praying for teachers

9 Sep 2023 | Viewpoint
Richard McIntosh considers faith, teaching and the valuable role that Christians can play in the world of education.

World in union

2 Sep 2023 | Viewpoint, Sports mission
Before the Rugby World Cup 2023 kicks off on 8 September, Major Andrew Vertigan celebrates the advantage of unity.

What was I made for?

19 Aug 2023 | Viewpoint
As we seek fullness of life for all with Jesus, Bethany Gibson reminds us that we’re not living in a Barbie world.

Man enough?

20 Jun 2023 | Viewpoint
Simon Hope grapples with what the Bible says about being masculine.

Pentecost: Power to proclaim

26 May 2023 | Viewpoint
In an extract from Holiness Ablaze! General Shaw Clifton (Retired) encourages us to use the power the Lord offers us.

How the Lionesses have inspired me

8 Mar 2023 | Viewpoint, Sports mission
Cadet Lizzy Kitchenside reflects on the impact the England women’s football team has had on the game and society.

One Church, many flavours

18 Jan 2023 | Viewpoint
As the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity invites us to consider racial injustice, Lieutenant Nazia Yousaf encourages us to be inclusive.

What are old people for?

30 Sep 2022 | Viewpoint
Andrew Wileman heralds an age of new possibilities for the Army’s work and mission.

The Queue: A reflection

20 Sep 2022 | Viewpoint
Commissioner Keith Banks shares a prose reflection on the queue to see Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II lying in state.

My seven tips for caring for creation

16 May 2022 | Viewpoint, Caring for creation
University student Yelena Grase Jurkenas shares seven eco-friendly habits and reflects on God’s invitation to care for creation.

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