Music and creative arts resources

Resources to support your local music and creative arts ministry.

Leadership guides, song book resources, drama scripts, musicals, art sessions, dementia-friendly singing groups and so much more.

Whether you’re a dramatist or a corps officer, worship team leader, a bandmaster or a budding artist, we pray these resources will help you spread the message of God’s love in your community.

An ACT of Worship

Resources | Music and creative arts, Worship
Enhance worship through drama. A variety of scripts offers something for everyone.

Christmas Music

Resources | Music and creative arts, Worship
Carol accompaniment videos with lyrics, reflection videos and incidental music for use in Christmas services and events.

Community Voices

Resources | Music and creative arts, Community engagement
A pack equipping you to start a vibrant community choir within your local setting.

Dance Fit FM

Resources | Music and creative arts, Worship
A dance-based exercise class set to Christian music.

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Music and Creative Arts

Inspiring others to realise the potential that music and creative arts can have in expressing who we are and who God is.

Music and creative arts

Territorial Music School

A week of music making and worship for anyone aged between 16 and 30 who attends The Salvation Army.

Music and creative arts | WBC
Jul 2022

Easter Music Course

A week of music, Bible study, fun and fellowship for Salvationists and friends of The Salvation Army. 

Music and creative arts
Apr 2023

Musical Theatre Day

7-18 yrs: Learn and perform songs, dances and drama scenes from Salvation Army and West End musicals.

Workshop | Music and creative arts
Apr 2023