Territorial directory

Making connections across The Salvation Army in the UK and Ireland Territory.

Contact details for divisions, corps and centres are available on salvationarmy.org.uk.

Support for local mission

Connect with teams ready to share resources and explore opportunities to help local mission flourish.

The territorial directory will continue to grow and develop. If there is a team or ministry area you can't find, email salvationist@salvationarmy.org.uk.

Teams A-Z

Someone wearing a #WeAreNotForSale temporary tattoo
Anti Trafficking and Modern Slavery Unit
Salvation Army cadets in Salvation Army uniform
Candidates Unit
The Salvation Army community and events fundraising team
Community and Events Fundraising Unit
A coffee mug on a table
Core Recovery Church
A Salvation Army job club
Employment Plus
Members of Enabled holding a sign that reads 'team work'
A diverse Salvation Army congregation
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
A mother holding her child in a Salvation Army church congregation
Family Ministries
Two people holding hands
Family Tracing Service
Someone receiving support with paperwork from The Salvation Army
Financial Inclusion and Debt Advice
A Salvation Army worker supporting someone in need
Homelessness Services
Intercultural worship
Intercultural Mission
Salvation Army volunteer responding to the Ukraine Crisis
International Development
An old back and white photo of children wearing Salvation Army uniform
International Heritage Centre
William Booth College at dusk
Learning and Development
A group Bible study
Moral and Social Issues Council
Someone playing the piano
Music and Creative Arts
A family arriving at The Salvation Army
Natural Church Development
A Salvationist speaking with an older woman
Older People's Ministries
Pioneering: Passionate believers, daring dreamers
Pioneering and Fresh Expressions
Someone scanning a document
Print and Design
Houses of Parliament, London
Public Affairs Unit
A Salvation Army group at the airport ready to welcome refugees with a sign that reads 'You are welcome'
Refugee Response
Laptop and notebook
Resource Hub
A Salvation Army children's worker playing with toddlers
Safeguarding Department
A pile of books
Shield Books
A sports team huddle
Sports Mission
Celebrating Christmas with The Salvation Army at the Royal Albert Hall
Territorial Events Unit
Commissioners Anthony and Gillian Cotterill
Territorial Leadership
A video camera
Video Production Unit
A Salvation Army volunteer talking to someone
A youth group wearing Salvation Army hoodies
Youth and Children’s Ministries

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