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Making connections across The Salvation Army in the UK and Ireland Territory.

Contact details for divisions, corps and centres are available on salvationarmy.org.uk.

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Connect with teams ready to share resources and explore opportunities to help local mission flourish.

The territorial directory will continue to grow and develop. If there is a team or ministry area you can't find, email salvationist@salvationarmy.org.uk.

Teams A-Z

Our vision is to bring an end to slavery, fight for social justice and respond with compassionate care.

Here to serve and support all those in the territory who are exploring God's calling.

Providing an ongoing resource and reference point for all Salvationists that deliver any form of chaplaincy on behalf of The Salvation Army.

Working alongside young people is central to the mission of The Salvation Army.

Use event fundraising to help deliver mission objectives and connect with people in your local area.

Core Recovery is a model of church that has grown out of our work supporting people with addictions.

Supporting and developing the ecumenical and interfaith work of The Salvation Army.

We support people who find themselves at the margins of our communities.

Providing spiritual and social fellowship for people with a disability and their carers. 

Supporting the territory to care for creation and tread softly on our common home.

Ensuring equality, diversity and inclusion are at the heart of everything we do.

Support, training and resources to inspire families and individuals to flourish and develop in their faith journey.

We work to support people that have lost contact with family members.

Supporting people within our church and communities who find themselves burdened with debt.

Helping people understand the importance of generous and sacrificial living.

Connect with the team that oversees our Homlessness Services.

Journeying together, respecting each other's cultures, and starting to tangibly see God's Kingdom now, right before our eyes.

Connecting Salvationists around the world so that we can learn from and support one another.  

The International Heritage Centre tells the story of The Salvation Army from its origins in the 1860s to the present, both in the UK and across the world.

Enhancing the mission of The Salvation Army by providing learning opportunities and tools that support ongoing development.

Helping Salvationists engage in moral and social issues in their communities.

Inspiring others to realise the potential that music and creative arts can have in expressing who we are and who God is.

Enabling corps to focus on the things that will produce the greatest fruit, while developing local leadership skills.

Supporting corps and the communities they serve in understanding, reaching and meeting the needs of older people.

Encouraging prayer in every aspect of Salvation Army life and ministry.

Encouraging, supporting, training and deploying pioneers across the UK and Ireland.

Providing printing services and basic design to the territory.

We speak into areas of public policy to support change for the benefit of some of the most disadvantaged people in our communities.

Celebrating and embracing ethnic and cultural diversity within The Salvation Army.

Supporting and resourcing local expressions of The Salvation Army to help people seeking sanctuary.

R&D exists to empower local mission to flourish.

Resources to support mission across the territory.

Supporting all Salvation Army personnel to provide good and safe programmes.

The official book publisher of The Salvation Army in the United Kingdom and Ireland.  

Raising the profile of sport as an arena for mission, worship and discipleship.

Providing management support for territorial events.

Empowering young people to improve the future by disturbing the present.

Find out more about our territorial leadership.

Sharing the mission of The Salvation Army through engaging, inspiring and informative films and images.

Helping local expressions of The Salvation Army recruit and support volunteers.

Enabling, empowering and equipping diverse expressions of women’s ministry.

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