Being a Salvationist


Salvationists giving The Salvation Army salute
You do not have to be a member of The Salvation Army to attend worship meetings, or to receive practical help and support, but many people want to belong – and we want people to feel they belong to The Salvation Army.

Most importantly, we want everyone to deepen their relationship with God – Father, Son and Spirit.

Anyone wanting to explore membership in The Salvation Army should speak to their corps officer. Contact details for our corps – our churches – can be found on


Many members of The Salvation Army are enrolled as soldiers. Other Christian churches have similar ceremonies such as baptism and confirmation. The Salvation Army uses the term ‘soldier’ to emphasise that we believe life is a battle between right and wrong, good and evil.

Soldiers must be at least 14 years old and have completed a preparation course called To Serve.

The course explains the beliefs and eleven doctrines of The Salvation Army, and explores the personal commitments that every soldier makes.

For example: ‘I will make the values of the Kingdom of God and not the values of the world the standard for my life.’

When a Salvation Army soldier is enrolled, they publicly demonstrate their decision by signing and making a covenant with God.

Soldiers know we cannot live out the promises we make without the help of God every day.

Adherent membership

Anyone can become an adherent member of The Salvation Army if they believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and seek to follow and be like him; participate in the worship, fellowship, service and support of a local Salvation Army congregation; and identify with the Army's Mission Statement.

An adherent member is a person 14 years of age or over, who meets the definition of adherency given above, and who is not an active member of any other religious body.

The Salvation Army recognises this as a positive step in a personal journey and pledges ongoing encouragement and pastoral guidance as this journey of faith unfolds.

Teenagers in a Salvation Army Bible class

Junior soldiership

Children and young people are key part of The Salvation Army family. We are committed to offering a safe place for all children and young people where they can belong, worship and have opportunities to serve their communities.

Children over the age of seven can become junior soldiers in The Salvation Army. No pressure should ever be placed on any person – child or adult – to become a Christian but we believe children are not too young to make this decision. Many adult Christians treasure a moment in their childhood when they decided to become a disciple of Jesus.

Any child who is 7 years or older can be enrolled as a junior soldier. As with the adults, there is a preparation course. The course is called Activate and helps children understand and discuss the promises they are making.

In a public ceremony, the child signs the junior soldier’s promise and is welcomed as a junior member of The Salvation Army.

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