An Introduction to Pastorally Supporting LGBTQ+ Young People

A training session designed to help leaders offer compassionate pastoral support to LGBTQ+ young people.

Youth work

Pioneer Bitesize

This online course is an introduction to pioneering and forming fresh expressions of church.

Online learning


A course for 18–25 year olds to explore who God is, who they are and what that could mean for the world.

Youth work | Nurture disciples of Jesus

This Open Learning course introduces you to some of the passages in the Bible that can help you to grow in your new relationship with God.

This bite-sized Open Learning course introduces you to the Christian understanding of God as Trinity.

This Open Learning course explores how God cared for six women in the Bible and how they all played a part in his plans for the world.

This Open Learning course introduces five Old Testament characters and explores Psalm 100.

Safe and Sound

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Online learning

All online courses

An online training course to equip leaders to help young people feel more resilient and cope with what life throws at them.

This iLearn course gives an overview of mental health and encourages understanding and empathy towards those living and working through mental illness. 

This iLearn course is designed for those who prepare or serve food and want to protect the public from food hazards and risks.

This iLearn course will help you take the correct approach to lifting and carrying.