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Who is God?

God is love.

God created and sustains everything, and only he is worthy of our worship.

  • God is omnipresent – he’s everywhere at once, not limited by time or space
  • God is omniscient – he knows everything
  • God is omnipotent – he has unlimited power

All these things are pretty difficult for us to get our heads round, but perhaps that’s just the way it should be when we are talking about the creator of the whole universe!

Three in One

So where do Jesus and the Holy Spirit fit in?

Christians understand God the Father and his relationship with Jesus and the Holy Spirit as ‘the Trinity’, or three in one. Not three gods, but three expressions or forms of the one God. Just as one man can distinctly yet simultaneously be a son, a father and a brother, so too is God one but three.

The Trinity is how we get to know God and how we discover who he is and what he desires for our world and our lives.

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