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An interactive course designed to equip people for ministry with older people.

This iLearn course is designed for those who prepare or serve food and want to protect the public from food hazards and risks.

This iLearn course is designed for those who are responsible for kitchen operations and food safety.

This iLearn course gives an overview of mental health and encourages understanding and empathy towards those living and working through mental illness. 

This iLearn course will help you take the correct approach to lifting and carrying.

An online training course to equip leaders to help young people feel more resilient and cope with what life throws at them.

This online course is an introduction to pioneering and forming fresh expressions of church.

This iLearn course is designed to equip all children’s leaders for ministry with The Salvation Army.

This iLearn course looks at what stress is, where it comes from and what you can do to manage it.

This iLearn course explores what health and safety is, why it’s so important and practical steps you can take to improve safety in your local setting.