Care for Creation: Songs and Prayers


The songs and hymns that we sing regularly help to shape our view of God and our response as Christians. We can sing in praise of God as creator, in lament for our broken creation, and in honour of Christ reconciling the whole of creation to himself. Songs help us to deepen our understanding of what it means to care for creation and recognise that God’s salvation extends beyond us as individuals to the whole of creation.

The songs listed below provide different ways to remember all of this within our sung worship. Some will likely be very familiar; some may be new. Consider how to use these ideas within worshipp to help deepen understanding and hear God speak afresh.

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The following prayers and ideas will help give you different ways to pray into areas of creation care and the climate and biodiversity crises through praise, confession, lament and intercession.

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If you have found or developed any ideas that have helped you to care for creation in your worship services, please share these with us by filling in this form. Please note we will need references of where material has been sourced from and will need links or permission from the author in order to share these.

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Creative Ideas and Teaching

More resources to include as part of your worship

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