2 June 2023

Celebrating The Salvation Army: Who are you thankful for?

Graphic shows a slice of cake with a candle in it. Text reads: A birthday to share.

As The Salvation Army turns 158 years old, Salvationist introduces a new way to think about Founders’ Day.

On 2 July, The Salvation Army will celebrate 158 years since the day William and Catherine Booth began their ministry through The Christian Mission. From its earliest days, the Movement has been fighting to bring fullness of life for all with Jesus. That fight continues today: Salvationists are still sharing the gospel and combating social injustices, such as poverty, unemployment, homelessness, hunger, poor housing, domestic violence and human trafficking.

The Army remains motivated by its values of compassion, boldness, respect, integrity, passion and mutual accountability. But the Movement’s mission isn’t achieved by any one person in isolation; it involves every single member as they share the good news, serve others without discrimination, nurture disciples of Jesus, care for creation and seek justice and reconciliation.

This Founders’ Day, the Army is inviting Salvationists to celebrate its birthday by thanking all those who contribute to its work and help to make a difference to this world and God’s Kingdom.

From the Aberfan disaster in 1966 to Queen Elizabeth II’s lying in state in 2022, the Army is well known for its support of the emergency services as they respond to major incidents. But all Salvationists are active on a front line right where they are, whether that’s providing a cup of tea or a listening ear to someone in need, supporting and enabling worship through music and other contributions, organising events and fundraising, working at a corps food bank or charity shop, assisting someone on a path to dignity and not to dependence, helping out at the over-60 club or the parent-and-toddler group, reaching out into the community, connecting with people online, raising awareness of social injustice or the climate crisis or sharing the gospel.

Their passion and dedication – their love for God and for others – make a positive impact on the lives of countless people across the territory, helping to build and grow God’s Kingdom. Their work, in turn, is supported by donors, businesses and partners in their communities who sponsor events, provide equipment and donate food and other items necessary to help others.

On its birthday, The Salvation Army as an organisation will be thanking its volunteers and philanthropic donors for their support. Who will you say thank you to for the force of good that is the Army in today’s world and in generations to come?

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