3 February 2023

Faith at work: 'I didn’t really like the person I was'

Ciaran Egan

Photo shows Ciaran Egan

Ciaran Egan, estate director at Hadleigh Farm, shares how his faith and his role are intertwined.

I was raised in a Catholic family but never had the closest relationship with faith and only really dabbled in any outward signs when it was socially required. I have always been an accepting person and, throughout my life, have had fruitful conversations with people about spirituality, but I never felt connected with this personally.

This was until 2015, when there were some personnel changes at my work, resulting in my interest in Jesus being piqued. This led me to challenge how I was thinking and choosing to live. I began a journey of exploration.

I now felt I had my ears, eyes and heart open, which led to some stark realisations about myself and where I was putting my energy and focus. Being completely honest I didn’t really like the person I was: I was putting myself first and putting greater importance on temporary things, such as material possessions, and sacrificing crucial relationships and things that truly mattered.

This was the spur that I required to actively choose a more meaningful life. Now I have new aspirations and the things that I use my energy and time on are completely different.

I keep a journal, which I use as a source of reflection, and I practise Christian meditation. I have also been blessed with seeing the impact of my exploration influence others who have begun their own faith journeys as a result. This has led to some truly inspiring conversations and motivational moments.

As I continue to explore, I am genuinely excited to see where it might take me and look forward to new experiences. The biggest lesson I have learnt is how a crisis truly can be a blessing in disguise. It can help us grow closer to God as well as forge stronger relationships, meet new friends and find a new path in life.

Instead of asking why bad things happen to good people, we should remind ourselves that the strongest steel is forged in the hottest fire. These trials are not there to break us down, but to help us emerge strong and victorious.

I am blessed to be based at Hadleigh Farm Estate, where I am able to bathe in God’s awesome creation regularly and see the impact it has on those who visit. When you walk around the estate, you can’t help but be struck by the beauty and space that surround you. The stark reality of the need to care for creation soon hits home. We are dedicated to steward this God-given resource in the most environmentally sustainable fashion.

Written by

Ciaran Egan

Ciaran Egan

Estate Director, Hadleigh Farm

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