27 May 2022

‘I didn’t know that God could call people like me’

Major Veronica Chioma Okpalaihedi

Major Veronica Chioma Okpalaihedi
Major Veronica Chioma Okpalaihedi
Major Veronica Chioma Okpalaihedi was a delegate in the recent 249th session at the International College for Officers (ICO) and Centre for Spiritual Life Development.

Located at Sunbury Court, the ICO exists to further officers’ personal and leadership development. It provides an environment for them to flourish spiritually through teaching, prayer, worship and fellowship.

While in London, Major Veronica Chioma Okpalaihedi shared her testimony with Salvationist.

My testimony: Major Veronica Chioma Okpalaihedi

On 5 August 1992, as a young girl, I was weeding my aunt’s garden. Suddenly I heard a voice: ‘Do you know I can weed and beautify your life, just like you are weeding and beautifying this garden?’

I turned to see who was speaking, but I found no one. The voice said: ‘Allow me to weed your life.’ I asked: ‘Who are you? What have I done?’ Then I said reluctantly: ‘Come and do whatever you want to do.’ I felt a strange atmosphere and found myself kneeling in the garden and pleading in tears for God’s mercy.

I heard God saying: ‘Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart’ (Jeremiah 1:5). I knew I was having an encounter with God, so I surrendered my life to him. The joy of the Lord became my strength and ever since that time I have been walking with him. Even though sometimes I fail, he is always there to pick me up. God is amazing.

A few years later I had the call of God upon my life. I came from a poor, humble background and didn’t know that God could call people like me for mission.

During an Easter retreat in 1995, an altar call was made for those God was calling for full-time ministry in The Salvation Army. The urge was strong in me, but I refused to give in and asked God to change this plan for me. Then someone from the congregation said: ‘Be obedient to the voice of God.’ They led me to the mercy seat, where I surrendered to the will of God. I then realised why Jeremiah 1:5 was given to me on the day of my conversion.

I got married in April 1996 and my husband and I entered the training college in 1997. After our commissioning we were sent to a corps where we received this greeting: ‘So many captains and majors have resigned and some have died, what can lieutenants like you do?’ Well, this amazing God used us to break boundaries. Muslim families were converted and lives were transformed by God. We neither resigned nor died!

We have served as officers for 24 years and several times he has delivered me from the dungeon of death. I want to introduce people to this God who transformed my life and made me his instrument. He can do amazing things in your life as well!

Testimony by

Major Veronica Chioma Okpalaihedi

Major Veronica Chioma Okpalaihedi

Divisional Director for Women’s Ministries, Anambra West, Nigeria Territory

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