6 February 2023

International Appointments Bulletin: 6 Feb 2023

Commissioner Lyndon Buckingham

Chief of the Staff Commissioner Lyndon Buckingham shares the latest appointments bulletin from International Headquarters.

It is my privilege to share with you information regarding international appointments and promotions proposed by the International Appointments Board and agreed by the General.

Effective 1 March 2023

Majors Christian and Christiana Azubuike, officers of the Nigeria Territory, currently serving respectively as Secretary for Spiritual Life Development and Child Protection Co-ordinator in that territory, are appointed as Chief Secretary and Territorial Secretary for Women’s Ministries, Nigeria Territory. They will take up their new appointment responsibilities with the rank of lieut-colonel.

They will succeed Lieut-Colonels Isaac and Eva Danso, who will be retiring from active service.

I know you will also join me in praying God's richest blessing upon our comrades as they prepare to assume their new appointment responsibilities.

A photo of Lyndon Buckingham.

Commissioner Lyndon Buckingham

Chief of the Staff

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