16 December 2023

Kids Alive! unveils 2023 Christmas card competition winner

A child's drawing shows people holding hands around the world.
The winning design by Hadrian, age 5

The winner of this year’s Kids Alive! Christmas Card Competition has been announced.

The contest asked readers to design a card to use on the e-card platform Don’t Send Me a Card, an environmentally friendly way to send seasonal greetings while supporting the work of The Salvation Army.

The overall winner was Hadrian, age 5, whose bright, bold and fabulously festive card design called for peace in the world (see above). The runners-up were Laila, year 10, Zara, age 11, and Grace, year 7.

The other winners included Shasmeen, age 6, in the under-7s category, Anna, age 9, in the 7–9 category, Beth, age 11, in the 10–12 category and Fahmida, year 9, in the 13-plus category.

They all received vouchers for The Entertainer and Hadrian's card was the front cover of the Kids Alive! 16 December issue.

A graphic shows the cover of Kids Alive! 16 December proudly featuring Hadrian's Christmas card design.
Hadrian's design on the front cover of Kids Alive!
A drawing shows a Salvation Army band out carolling.
Runner up: Laila, year 10
A drawing shows teddy bears with Christmas-themed headwear. A banner reads: Bearing love and peace this Christmas.
Runner up: Zara, age 11
A drawing shows a reindeer in a bowtie next to a Salvation Army collecting stand. Text reads: Rudolph with your nose so bright!
Runner up: Grace, year 7
A drawing shows Father Christmas and an elf in a house filled with presents and a Christmas tree.
Under-7s winner: Shasmeen, age 6
A drawing shows a globe made up of flags from countries around the world. Text reads: Everyone around the world can celebrate Christmas.
Ages 7–9 winner: Anna, age 9
A painting shows a Christmas tree under lights and next to a fireplace.
Ages 10–12 winner: Beth, age 11
A design shows a ice-skating snowman. Text reads: Be kind.
13-plus winner: Fahmida, year 9

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