20 December 2022

Kids Alive! unveils Christmas card competition winner

A Christmas card drawn by a child, featuring a the word 'joy' decorated with candy cane stripes, red bows, baubles, Christmas wreaths. It's a snowy scene and includes a teenager, child and baby. The text reads: 'Share the joy of giving. Merry Christmas'
The winning design by Siyona, age 14

The winner of this year’s Kids Alive! Christmas Card Competition has been announced, after more than 220 entries were received.

The contest asked readers to design a card to use on the e-card platform Don’t Send Me a Card, an environmentally friendly way to send seasonal greetings while supporting the work of The Salvation Army.

The overall winner was Siyona, age 14, whose card design spelled out the joy of giving to loved ones at Christmas (see above). The runners-up were Chan Wing Lam, 6, and Surina, 13.

The other winners included Mia, 6, in the under-7s category, Ciara, 9, in the 7–9 category, Karina, 10, in the 10–12 category and Jathushigah, 13, in the 13-plus category.

They all received vouchers for The Entertainer and Siyona’s card was the front cover of the Kids Alive! 17 December issue.

A photo of the KIds Alive! 17 December front cover, featuring Siyona's winning Christmas card design
Siyona's design on the front cover of Kids Alive!
A Christmas card drawn by a child, featuring a family of monkeys and a yellow duck wearing Santa hats. The text reads 'merry Christmas'
Runner up: Chan Wing Lam, age 6
A Christmas card drawn by a child, featuring two hands holding the world, snow falling, and the text: 'We need to come together this Christmas!'
Runner up: Surina, age 13
A Christmas card designed by a child, featuring a painting of a colourful town at night with a big yellow star in the sky and lots of smaller stars
Under-7s winner: Mia, age 6
A Christmas card drawn by a child, featuring a Christmas tree in the snow on a windy night. The text reads 'peace on earth'
Ages 7–9 winner: Ciara, age 9
A Christmas card drawn by a child, featuring Father Christmas riding his sleigh with his hands in the air. The sleigh has a Salvation Army red shield on it and is being pulled by a reindeer.
Ages 10–12 winner: Karina, age 10
A Christmas card drawn by a child, featuring a church, a donation centre, an aid centre, a colourful Christmas tree, a snowman, the Salvation Army red shield, baubles with 'faith', 'hope' and 'love' written on them, and the text: 'Christmas is the spirit of giving without a thought of getting. Merry Christmas!'
13-plus winner: Jathushigah, age 13

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