23 May 2022

A new digital chapter starts here

Bethany Gibson

Online Content Editor Bethany Gibson introduces salvationist.org.uk.

Welcome to salvationist.org.uk!

This new territorial website offers a whole new way for Salvationists and others to engage with Christianity and The Salvation Army.

It will be the go-to digital space for people linked to our Movement and anyone who wants to explore faith and belonging – it’s for members, attenders, volunteers, employees, supporters, friends from other churches and people who are curious to learn more about The Salvation Army or about God.

Until now we have had two territorial websites: salvationarmy.org.uk, which is primarily aimed at external audiences, and OurHub, a private digital space for operational matters that can only be accessed by people with login details, such as officers and employees. What’s missing has been a dedicated online space for all Salvationists. That’s where salvationist.org.uk comes in.

This website will be home to internal Army news, stories, devotional materials, resources, events and learning opportunities, plus key information about how people can get involved in mission.

People are creating resources, planning events and telling stories across the territory, and one of our aims is to make this content easier to discover and more broadly accessible.

Help us shape the future

As we’ve been planning content, we’ve been excited about the potential of this website. The launch is the beginning of a new digital chapter and the website will continue to grow and develop.

Bethany Gibson

It is guided by a steering group, which advises on content and direction, and a feedback group, which reports on the user experience and ensures the site is working and helpful. Both groups are diverse in membership and include soldiers, adherents, staff and officers from all across the UKI Territory. Because the website sits within the remit of the Communications Service, a Territorial Communications Board will also monitor and give oversight.

We want to continually listen to each other and the prompting of the Spirit to see how this new resource can help build God’s Kingdom. This means that we want you to be ready to share your feedback – to tell us what you want to see more of, and to let us know how your experience could be improved and how we could make the website more engaging, accessible and inclusive.

Exciting developments for audio content

In related news, in late 2021 The Salvation Army was approached by the leaders of Fortress Radio with an offer to take over management of the online radio station. After due consideration, this offer was accepted and we’re working through a transition plan that will see the station continue with some rebranding, new programming and a new home: salvationist.org.uk.

We’re also pleased to announce that we’ve recruited an audio content editor who will take the lead on the radio station and oversee audio content for the website.

Fortress Radio has developed a strong foundation on which we can build – audio is one of the areas that has huge potential for supporting our mission.

Links between the website, radio station and weekly papers will be strong, but each format will allow room for unique content and innovation. So Salvationists will be able to read and hear the latest territorial information across multiple media formats and access a broad range of resources.

Please remember salvationist.org.uk in your prayers. Pray that the website will be a space where people can encounter the inclusive, radical and transforming good news of Jesus.

Written by

Bethany Gibson

Bethany Gibson

Online Content Editor

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