7 November 2023

Introducing new divisional job titles

Colonel Jenine Main

In an update from the Structure Co-ordination and Design Group, Colonel Jenine Main provides a whistlestop tour of some new job titles.

Do you know your DPO (divisional personnel officer) from your LDO (learning development officer)? The Salvation Army, like many large organisations, uses acronyms for speedy communication. Those who have been in the Army for years know a CSM (corps sergeant-major) from a BM (bandmaster) and would not confuse a YPSM (young people’s sergeant-major) with a DC (divisional commander). However, there are now some new roles and titles, and adding any more abbreviations to the mix is likely to get confusing.

In July, the UKI Territory concluded its major structural and process changes. As a result, a number of new terms have been introduced to explain roles people are taking to enable local mission flourishing.

The territory now has 14 divisions – down from 22 – and the divisional headquarters teams aren’t all staffed or structured the same. Therefore, your divisional headquarters might have a divisional area officer while the next has a divisional mission officer. Hopefully, the following explanations will help!

Territorial Intercultural Mission Officer

As so many towns, cities and suburban areas become culturally richer, we need to learn how we can live and journey together in a way that celebrates diversity and unity. An intercultural mission officer, as part of a team, will play a part in positively impacting the territory’s intercultural journey. Individuals will use their passion and skills in corps and divisions and in wider intercultural challenges and opportunities. Based around the territory, they are available to resource and equip the UKI.

Assistant Divisional Commander

An assistant divisional commander isn’t only in place to deputise for a divisional commander in their absence – they share the leadership of the division with them too. An assistant divisional commander has a key role in ensuring the five mission priorities are delivered across the division, which will result in flourishing people and communities experiencing fullness of life with Jesus. They will prioritise relationship-building and strategically lead on shared and integrated mission opportunities too, among other key tasks.

Divisional Area Officer

An officer who provides missional leadership and spiritual/pastoral support/ leader development to all mission expressions within a given area. They will deliver supervision to designated spiritual leaders, modelling mutual accountability, reflective practice and servant leadership, taking responsibility for developing and maintaining an enabling culture where feedback and learning contribute to the development of relationships and mission.

Divisional Mission Officer

An officer who facilitates, enables, encourages and resources frontline mission within a division, which includes care homes, corps and Lifehouses.

Divisional Personnel Officer

An officer who supports the mission of the Army by ensuring and co-ordinating the support and oversight of all officers and paid spiritual leaders within the division.

Divisional Operations Manager

An employee who ensures the effective functioning of divisional headquarters and effective partnership working between headquarters, corps and territorial services such as HR, Property, Finance and IT. This is a key role that actively supports corps with a wide range of operational matters by ensuring corps and other local mission units’ needs are met by divisional and territorial services.

Divisional Youth Worker

An employee who provides knowledge and expertise to support the development and delivery of the divisional youth work strategy and enables local corps and centres to raise leaders and young people who are disciples of Jesus in the Army’s tradition of social change and justice.

Divisional Children’s Officer/Worker

An officer or employee who provides practical knowledge and expertise in the development and delivery of the children’s work strategy and enables corps and centres to raise leaders and children who are disciples of Jesus in the Army’s tradition of social change and justice.

Divisional Intergenerational Officer/Worker

An employee or officer who provides practical knowledge and expertise in the development and delivery of intergenerational mission and ministry with a focus on all ages – including specific responsibility to equip, enable and empower local corps and centres around their education and practice.

Divisional Ecumenical Officer

An officer, soldier or adherent whose oversight is expressed in an enabling, supporting and creative ecumenical role and serves divisional headquarters, corps and centres. They encourage and enable work with other churches and fellow Christians in witness to our common faith in Jesus Christ in the relevant county or local authority area and represent The Salvation Army in ecumenical bodies, where appropriate.

  • If you have any feedback or questions for the Structure Co-ordination and Design Group, please email transformation@salvationarmy.org.uk. Please continue to pray for your colleagues at divisional headquarters who are working through many changes, challenges and opportunities.

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A photo of Jenine Main.

Colonel Jenine Main

Territorial Secretary for Leader Development, THQ

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