10 June 2022

A 10-day plan for praying the Lord's Prayer

Major Pauline Milner

A photo of a Bible open at Matthew 6:9-13
Over the next ten days, pause each day to focus on a phrase from the Lord's Prayer.

Key texts

The opening verses of Luke 11 record that after Jesus had been praying, one of his disciples asked him: ‘Lord, teach us to pray.’

It’s worth noting that the disciples had been with Jesus at this time for around two years. They had front row seats when he taught and preached. They witnessed his miracles. Yet, interestingly, in so far as Scripture tells us, they didn’t ask him ‘Lord, teach us to preach,’ or ‘Lord, show us how to minister,’ or ‘Lord, show us how to do mission.’ They asked: ‘Lord, teach us to pray.’

Jesus responded with what we commonly call ‘The Lord’s Prayer’, though it might be better called the ‘Disciples Prayer’ since it serves as a model or template for us still today.

This material was originally published in Prayer Matters, the territorial prayer diary for the United Kingdom and Ireland territory, for 10-19 June 2022.

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Major Pauline Milner

Major Pauline Milner

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