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The Holy Spirit

18 May 2024 | Bible study
Major Matt Butler invites us to receive and discover God’s amazing gift for each believer.

Waiting for the gift

4 May 2024 | Bible study
Captain Ruth Hammond explores how the disciples were prepared for the coming of the Holy Spirit.

Guide to Running a Community Stand

Resources | Community engagement
Ideas and tips to help you run an engaging Salvation Army community stand or stall at a local outreach event.

The great co-mission

27 Apr 2024 | Bible study
Cadet Elizabeth Kitchenside reminds us that Jesus instructs his followers to be involved in his mission.

Guys and Dolls: A show of faith

17 Apr 2024 | Interview, War Cry
Guys and Dolls actor Jonathan Andrew Hume speaks to War Cry's Claire Brine about the role of sin and salvation in the musical.

Behind closed doors

13 Apr 2024 | Bible study
Captain Luke Johnson considers how Thomas moved from doubt to certainty.

Revealed on the road

6 Apr 2024 | Bible study
Lieutenant Jennifer Barker uncovers how Jesus restores faith and hope.