Mission Service

Music and Creative Arts

Someone playing the piano
We want to inspire others to realise the potential that music and creative arts can have in expressing who we are and who God is.

We want to encourage people to allow God to reveal himself in a way that goes beyond words, through the God-given language of music and creative arts.

We do this by equipping and nurturing others to create an environment which encourages creativity and innovation for everyone and we aim to resource all those involved in music and creative arts in their local settings, as well as their leaders.

Meet the team

  • Stephen Cobb, Director
  • Stephanie Lamplough, Assistant Director – Creative Arts
  • Paul Sharman, Assistant Director – Brass and Choral
  • Nik King, Assistant Director – Contemporary Music/Song
  • Dan Elson, Outreach Mission Partner

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Resources to support your local music and creative arts ministry.

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Music and creative arts