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Prayer Network

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Encouraging prayer in every aspect of Salvation Army life and ministry.

The Prayer Network exists to:

  • Call the Salvation Army in the territory to prayer by encouraging prayer in every aspect of Salvation Army life and ministry – to be a prophetic voice, to encourage and challenge the UKI Territory to grow spiritually, going deeper in prayer and moving forward in mission.
  • Help those who are passionate about prayer to stay connected with each other – to circulate topics for prayer through various media sources and organise prayer gatherings where people can encourage one another and learn together.
  • Release dynamic, kingdom-building prayer by championing creativity and freedom in prayer, making prayer accessible, and providing resources to leaders.

The UKI Boiler Room

Our events and resources

Prayer Matters

Daily prayers to inform, encourage and immerse the territory in prayer.

Prayer | Discipleship

Encounter Prayer Gathering

A weekend to gather together, listen to each other's stories and discover what God wants to empower us to do next.

Jan 2024

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