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Flourishing in the Wilderness

Alice Swain

Flourishing in the Wilderness by Alice Swain

Flourishing in the Wilderness

Alice Swain

  • Hard copy: £4.99
  • E-book: £3.99

In her debut title, Alice Swain examines how in the Scriptures, the wilderness is not just used to picture the physical environment, but it is often a metaphor for our spiritual and emotional health, and how time and again we see biblical writers use rich imagery of the wilderness giving way to a flourishing and fertile land.

Written out of her own experience of infertility, Flourishing in the Wilderness seeks to help the reader to identify their own wilderness – be it childlessness, illness, singleness or unemployment, to name but a few – and show how God can cause a barren wilderness to become a flourishing place.

Flourishing in the Wilderness seeks to show how God is with us and teaching us through trials and tribulations.

Written with sharing in mind, each chapter closes with a set of discussion questions and a hymn for reflection.

If you'd like to try a taster, you can download the first chapter

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