Children's Events

You can use this content for summer camps, holiday clubs or any other residential or outreach events for children. 
Each resource takes you through a series of five sessions, although each session can be used as a stand-alone topic. 
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A resource that looks at how we are given the Fruit of the Spirit, what the Fruit of the Spirit is, and how we can show this in our daily lives, no matter how young or old we are.

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Follow helps children explore what they need to better know and love God, the Church and their community.

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Connected takes children on a journey to discover different ways to be physically, emotionally and spiritually whole in their relationships with God, their friends, their neighbours, their church family, and the world.

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Other useful links

Sing to the Lord - Songs Unpacked

Bible verses, prayers and activities to help children understand the meaning behind the songs - PLUS action videos for selected songs.

Your Prayer Manual for Outdoor Adventures

A pocket-sized (A6) prayer booklet themed around the Scouting and Guiding values.


Mobilise is a 24-session discipleship programme that aims to nurture children’s personal experience of Jesus