Journeying Home

Talking about death doesn't bring death closer. It's about planning and knowing that death is a part of life. Being prepared for our own end of life is actually a gift to those we love the most. Without communication and understanding, death and terminal illness can be a lonely and stressful experience, so let's break the taboo and get talking about journeying home and our hope of heaven. 

This is why 'Journeying Home' is designed to be a session that seeks to offer missional, practical and pastorally focused support on end of life. 

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Journeying Home

Journeying Home

A missional, practical and pastorally focused resource on end of life.

Need help running 'Journeying Home'?

Contact Older People's Ministries if you need support in offering 'Journeying Home' to those in your corps community.


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