To Serve

To Serve is a course designed for people exploring Salvation Army soldiership.

It aims to equip soldiers, motivated by Christian faith, inspired by history and dedicated to changing the world with love, innovation and service to God and others. 

Through 16 sessions the course helps recruits understand and apply The Salvation Army's doctrines, encouraging them in their discipleship and in their faith.

Leaders Handbook

To Serve - Leader's Handbook

The Leader's Handbook assists you with everything you need to know to successfully set up and run To Serve. Detailed course notes are included, plus videos and resources for each session.

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To Serve - Recruit's Workbook

The Recruit's Workbook is presented in a creative way to maximise understanding and engagement, including the use of audiovisual material, film, discussion activities and journaling.

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Recruit's Workbook (Youth Version)

There is also a Youth Version of the Recruit's Workbook available to purchase

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...we take all recruits in this Army. If you have a heart to love, come along. We want men and women indifferent to all other aims and ends but the extension of the Kingdom of Jesus.
General William Booth
Called to be a Soldier and Day by Day

Explore the Soldier’s Covenant

International Headquarters has published Called to be a Soldier and Day by Day to help people explore the Soldier’s Covenant and put their faith into action.

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Discover more

The eleven doctrines of The Salvation Army.

Learn more about soldiership, adherent membership and junior soldiership.

School resources introducing the Salvation Army's beliefs, work and faith.

This Open Learning course introduces you to some of the passages in the Bible that can help you to grow in your new relationship with God.

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