Reimagining Mission Post-COVID-19

The Research and Development Unit carried out a territorial-wide piece of research in 2020 to look into how COVID-19 affected missional practice and thinking in various expressions of mission and church life within The Salvation Army in the UK and Ireland.

As a result of this research the material below (available to download in its entirety and as individual chapters) is designed to enable corps and individuals to reflect on how they will reimagine mission in their contexts as they deal with changing circumstances brought about by the pandemic.

The themes covered will help us think about our life with God, our life together and our life in the world.

Reimagining Mission

Complete COVID-19 Booklet


Individual Chapters


Lament session


Trauma session


Discipleship session


Evangelism session


Inequalities session 1


Inequalities session 2

Processing the pandemic: A trauma-informed approach to pastoral care

The second in a series of weekly features

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