Bible study

Jesus draws the line

9 Mar 2024 | Bible study
Captain Shelley Ward considers how Jesus invites everyone into a new way of living.

Generous Discipleship Bible Studies

Resources | Discipleship, Small groups
Two interactive Bible study videos to explore the generosity of God and our relationship with material wealth

The Real Easter Message

Resources | Youth work, Discipleship
A stand-alone youth small group session looking at the real Easter message

Momentum - Movement to Music

Resources | Older people's ministry, Discipleship
Gentle armchair based movements with music and Scripture for older people.

Psalms, Prayers, Coffee and Chat

Resources | Older people's ministry, Discipleship
A simple way of creating a conversation around scripture using the Book of Psalms.

Understanding the Trinity

Anytime | Distance learning
This bite-sized Open Learning course introduces you to the Christian understanding of God as Trinity.

The Generous Heart

Resources | Discipleship, Small groups
Six Bible studies based on Psalm 100:1-5 which help explore the theme of Generous Discipleship.