Care for Creation: Creative Ideas and Teaching

Creative Ideas

The following ideas will help you consider how you can worship God in a whole range of ways:

  • To praise and give thanks for all God has made.
  • To lament for all the hurt and destruction felt by the human and non-human creation as a result of us not looking after our environment.
  • To learn more about God as creator, as the preserver of the beautiful creation spoken into being, and the ultimate reconciler of all things.
  • To better reflect this nature in the way we live our lives as disciples made in the image of our creator God.

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Content to focus on the links between our mission and climate change. It can be used as a basis for a sermon, Bible study or small group session.


Teaching to learn how to apply the principles of Sabbath to our care for creation. It can be used as a basis for a sermon, Bible study or small group session.

Submit Your Ideas

If you have found or developed any ideas that have helped you to care for creation in your worship services, please share these with us by filling in this form. Please note we will need references of where material has been sourced from and will need links or permission from the author in order to share these.

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Songs and Prayers

More resources to include as part of your worship

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