27 April 2023

Andrew Campbell, Regent Hall: 'I will be present at the coronation'

Andrew Campbell

Photo shows Andrew Campbell.

As a verger at Westminster Abbey preparing for the coronation of King Charles III, Andrew Campbell explains how his faith and work are intertwined.

I have attended The Salvation Army from a young age, being taken to Staple Hill Corps by my parents. There I became a junior soldier, joining the singing company and YP band.

These activities have shaped my relationship with God and the direction my faith has taken. I went on to be a cathedral chorister and now work as a verger at Westminster Abbey. My faith is an integral part of my work. If I’m not involved in a service in some way, I can sometimes struggle to make a connection or concentrate on the spiritual aspect of it. Yet, during the early morning services, I can really feel a connection with God.

It is sometimes difficult to see how God is working in my life. However, through my work at the abbey, I am available to help or enable people to worship, pray and continue their journey with God. So, I hope God is working through me to reach others.

I am thankful to God for the people I have met throughout my life and for them giving me opportunities which have led me to my current role at Westminster Abbey. I will be present at the coronation of King Charles III!

I find working at Westminster Abbey particularly fascinating. While it is a place with a lot of history, burials and memorials to many famous as well as unknown people, it is also a place steeped in faith and praise to God. And, of course, in St George’s Chapel at the west end of the abbey, is a bust of General William Booth, which watches over the Coronation Chair when it is not being used for a coronation.

Being a Christian has helped me deal with challenges, guiding me through my work in the Church and helping me be more compassionate and understanding to others.

People from all walks of Christianity come to the abbey to worship and pray. Many ask St Edward to pray for them while others simply light a candle in prayer. I am here to help them along their way, which is a great privilege for which I am truly thankful to God.

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Andrew Campbell

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