7 June 2022

Celebrating volunteers: meet Jason and Dennis

Linda McTurk

Jason and Dennis
Jason Reid and Dennis Ajufo are volunteers at Kilburn Salvation Army
War Cry's Linda McTurk shines a light on volunteers.

Could you spare a moment? Volunteers Week (1-7 June) is a time to say thank you to millions of people across the UK who freely give their time to serve their communities.

An estimated 16.3 million people volunteered through a group, club or organisation in the most recent year for which there were figures available, according to the National Council for Voluntary Organisations. Volunteers undertook a range of activities, including helping with administrative work, providing transportation and visiting people in need.

Jason washing up
Jason does the washing-up at Kilburn Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is one of a number of organisations in the UK and Ireland that benefits from people volunteering. Every year, some 12,000 volunteer with the church and charity, taking on more than 80 different roles to carry out services that include befriending people, helping to run parent-and-toddler groups and providing debt advice.

Dennis Ajufo and Jason Reid, both Christians, volunteer at their local Salvation Army church in Kilburn. They, along with other volunteers and staff members, are on site to serve people who visit the weekly drop-in session, which offers free hot meals. Many of the people who go to the sessions are experiencing social isolation and homelessness.

Jason’s favourite part of volunteering is spending time talking with people and helping them to chat through their problems. ‘I always try to put a positive note on what they’re feeling,’ he says.

Dennis also emphasises the importance of the conversations that take place at the drop-in sessions.

‘It’s not just about the food, but also the company,’ he says. ‘People come here just to have a chat, and to feel loved and welcomed.’

Dennis talking to two people at a table
Dennis speaks to people at a drop-in session at Kilburn Salvation Army

Dennis describes volunteering for The Salvation Army as rewarding, and hopes that, through his actions, he will imitate Jesus, who came into the world to show how much God loves everyone.

Christians everywhere are inspired to give their free time to serve others. They believe that they are following Jesus’ teaching to love and help people. In the process, they change the lives of individuals and their communities, making a difference for good.

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Linda McTurk

Linda McTurk

Staff Writer, War Cry

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