15 June 2024

Euro 2024: Making the most of each moment

Rob Moye

A photo shows a football on a pitch. Below the football, 2024 is written on the grass.

As Euro 2024 kicks off, Rob Moye reminds us to believe that anything is possible with God.

Obstacles, opportunities and dreams lay ahead of England, Scotland and other European national teams after Euro 2024 officially kicked off on Friday. The opening game of the tournament saw Germany host Scotland in Munich, while England will play Slovenia on Sunday. Each team and set of fans will be whispering to themselves: is it coming home?

Earlier this month I watched England in one of their final warm-up games against Bosnia and Herzegovina at St James’ Park. I saw a large sign in the crowd being unravelled as the players ran out. It quoted the song ‘Three Lions’, originally released for Euro 1996: ‘I know that was then, but it could be again.’ It got me thinking and saying to myself: ‘Yes, anything is possible!’

The England and Scotland teams, although very different in their playing styles and set-ups, will be helping people in their teams to play to their strengths, making the most of each moment and minute during the tournament as they trust in each other to achieve their goals, and believe that together anything is possible.

Life is about making the most of each moment God gives us. Sometimes that’s not easy. Similarly to sport, our Christian lives are about being brave and taking leaps of faith, which often means stepping out of comfort zones and testing ourselves as we trust and obey – for there’s no other way to be happy in Jesus.

Like the players who have trained to participate in Euro 2024, we must consider our spiritual fitness – as we strive each day for spiritual growth in our lives, as we persevere through obstacles in faith, as we grow in Jesus, and as we take those Holy Spirit-led risks each day of our missional lives.

We are a team. We are made ‘alive together with Christ’ (Ephesians 2:5 English Standard Version). Whether you love football or loathe it, I pray that you will allow Euro 2024 to be an opportunity for celebrating with and being nourished by others and each other, as you journey together with people in this sports-tastic summer. That could be during watch parties at your corps, big screen events within your community or as you open your house to others as a sign of hospitality.

Today, and every day, is about God and people. As you deepen and broaden your relationships with God and others, may you overflow with hope, as the power of the Holy Spirit continues to work in your life. May God fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him to help you play to your strengths and achieve his goals.

Let’s be bold and be strong, for the Lord our God is with us – and with him, anything is possible.

Reflect and respond

  • Be encouraged by Matthew 19:26: ‘With God all things are possible.’
  • What are you trusting God with at the moment? Are you running along to his rhythm and tune?
  • Are you telling your story of faith to others?
  • Listen to Faith in Sport, a new Salvationist Radio podcast hosted by Rob

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Photo of Rob Moye.

Rob Moye

Sports Mission Specialist, THQ

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