6 April 2022

Kids Alive! World: Looking after wildlife

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The Kids Alive! team explores why wildlife is so important and how you can make a difference.
  • Share this article with children in your family or your children's worker at your corps so they can pass it on – you may find the advice helps you too!

Why wildlife?

With increasing numbers of endangered and extinct species, it’s important to learn how we can protect wildlife and help conserve the planet.

If we continue to lose species, habitats and ecosystems, it will threaten all life on Earth, including us! We rely on wildlife and nature to meet our needs – from food and medicine, to fuel and clothing. Millions of people around the world also rely on nature as the source of their work and income.

Going for goals!

In 2015, the UN created 17 Sustainable Development Goals. They’re a call to action by all countries – rich and poor – to reduce poverty and help social needs such as education and clean drinking water. They also help to protect the planet and tackle climate change.

A bee landing on a flower

Caring for creation

The Bible tells us in Genesis 1 that God created the universe and everything in it. That means he made everything from the highest mountain to the tiniest bug! As humans we have a responsibility and privilege to look after God’s creation.

Get involved!

There are lots of things you can do to pay special attention to the nature all around you.

  • Get to know your local area – find out how you and your community can conserve and support local plants and wildlife.
  • Spread the word – talk to people at school or in your clubs about the importance of healthy ecosystems.
  • Wear it Wild – dress up in your favourite animal accessory or wildlife costume.
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