Mission Service

Children & Youth

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Fullness of life with Jesus for all young people.

Working alongside young people is central to the mission of The Salvation Army.

The Children & Youth Department provides support, training and resources to support your local ministry with children and youth.

A graphic shows the cover of the CY Resources Brochure.

CY Resources Brochure

Discover a range of resources designed to inspire children and young people to become passionate followers of Jesus.


Resources, events and training

Resources for youth ministry.

Discover a range of resources designed to inspire children and equip them to be disciples of Jesus.

Upcoming events organised by the Children & Youth Department.

A course for 18–25 year olds to explore who God is, who they are and what that could mean for the world.

Empowering young people to improve the future by disturbing the present.

Join host Jo Taylor as she invites a guest to a hypothetical hike with four choices and four questions.

14 five-minute episodes to help children transition from primary to secondary school as they become small fish in a big pond. Now including 14 illustrated video versions.

The video series that shines a light on local youth work.

An online training course to equip leaders to help young people feel more resilient and cope with what life throws at them.

A training session designed to help leaders offer compassionate pastoral support to LGBTQ+ young people.

This iLearn course is designed to equip all children’s leaders for ministry with The Salvation Army.

Resources for Salvation Army Scout and Guide groups.