20 April 2024

Live-streaming The Salvation Army

Major Jo Moir

A photo shows an AV desk live-streaming a Salvation Army event.

Major Jo Moir takes us behind the scenes of live-streaming Together 2024.

Wires trail across the walls. Headphone-clad technicians concentrate intently on their area of work. Laptops tap to the sound of comment management on YouTube. Runners respond to requests for kit.

It takes huge technical skill to bring the annual territorial celebration, Together, to fruition and to live-stream the Sunday’s Commissioning meetings into homes and corps.

Now in its third year, plans are being finalised for Together 2024 in Newport, Wales (13–14 July). As with any major territorial event there is a huge amount of work going on behind the scenes, from arranging guests, sorting accommodation and allocating tickets. And, most importantly, spending time discerning God’s will and vision through prayer. But it’s the live-streaming that always astounds me.

Co-ordinating cameras, cadets, musicians and screens is no small feat. Mixed in with the necessity of being open to changes based on responses to God’s work in our meetings means it takes a village of experts and skilled technicians to pull it together.

Alongside the 5 cameras and 12 monitors, there are 15 people in the live-streaming team, including backstage support, although that number changes every year depending on the set-up. With this constant stream of activity and intense concentration, the biggest challenge is timing. When a meeting is over-running, but God is moving in that space, they need to be flexible and open to the Spirit.

Yet the irrepressible humour and grace of the team don’t waver. Faced with unexpected challenges they keep calm and, yes, joyful. For those who follow Jesus, there is a sense of ministry and worship, coupled with the professional ability to be present in the moment while also staying focused on the job at hand.

The work begins long before the livestream begins, with extensive sound checks and rehearsals to monitor brightness levels and sound balances. This year’s event will bring new technical challenges. Together 2024 will be focusing on the 150th anniversary of The Salvation Army in Wales, themed Dyma Gariad, and the livestream will be faithful to those who need a Welsh translation of the content.

Other new elements of the weekend will include a pre-Together concert on Friday 12 July at 8pm at Newport Cathedral, featuring the International Staff Band and Songsters – tickets are limited so keep your eyes peeled for more details!

There is also an Engagement Space planned on the Saturday at the main venue, the ICC Wales, from 1pm to 5pm. It will bring all the elements of previous Togethers into one place – music sections, family spaces, art, worship, Bible teaching. Attendees will be fully ‘Together’ this year! On Saturday evening, the big celebration event at 6pm will include a massed group of musicians from across Wales and beyond.

Sunday’s Commissioning meetings will, of course, be live-streamed at 10.30am and 3pm. They will contain many familiar elements, as well as new ideas, as everyone gathers to celebrate and seek inspiration for ministry.

At any Together event, there’s a great moment when you hear the words ‘and we’re live’ and you feel really connected to the wider Army – and relieved that it’s all working!

As you join us in person or watch from your home or corps, I invite you to thank God for the amazing team behind the scenes. You might never see them, but their dedication, patience and skill help us be together, wherever we are.

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A photo of Jo Moir.

Major Jo Moir

Territorial Communications Officer, THQ

Together 2024

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