15 September 2022

In pictures: Volunteers mobilise to serve emergency services, military and mourners

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The Salvation Army is offering refreshments and pastoral support as thousands pay their respects to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in Edinburgh and London.

Earlier this week, Queen Elizabeth II's coffin lay in state at St Giles' Cathedral in Edinburgh, and yesterday it moved to Westminster Hall in London, so that people could pay their last respects to Her Majesty. 

Salvation Army volunteers have been on hand in Edinburgh and London to support the many volunteers and emergency services teams on duty monitoring the crowds in attendance. 

The Army teams have also been supporting vulnerable members of the community, some of whom have struggled with the long waiting time, especially through the night.

In both locations, the Army has been providing practical support as well as pastoral care for mourners.

A Salvation Army incident support unit with military personnel receiving refreshments on Horse Guards Parade
In London, there are Salvation Army emergency response units on Horse Guards Parade and near Waterloo station
A Salvation Army volunteer serves a St John Ambulance volunteer a hot drink
Salvation Army volunteers are providing refreshments for the emergency services and other charities and faith groups offering support
Uniformed Salvationists and volunteers in high visibility jackets standing in a line
Chief Secretary Colonel Paul Main joins volunteers to pay his respects as the Queen's coffin passes Horse Guards Parade
The Queen's coffin surrounded by a military guard
The Queen's coffin processes through Horse Guards Parade
Salvation Army volunteer handing out biscuits
Volunteers have been on duty 24/7 to offer refreshments and pastoral support
Mounted police by a Salvation Army emergency response unit
Mounted police on duty by a response unit in Edinburgh
Queues for refreshments from two Salvation Army response units
Mourners queue for refreshments in Edinburgh

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