23 March 2023

Privileged Bodies reaffirm loyalty to King Charles

The TC and the Free Churches Group delegation at Buckingham Palace
The TC and the Free Churches Group delegation at Buckingham Palace

Ivan Radford reports on a long-held tradition.

KING Charles III received the Privileged Bodies for a ceremony at Buckingham Palace in which they pledged their loyalty to His Majesty.

The tradition, which dates back to the 17th century, sees representatives of 27 culturally significant organisations from across the UK present their loyal addresses to the monarch. The ceremony most recently took place in 2012, to mark Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee.

Territorial Commander Commissioner Anthony Cotterill was part of the Free Churches Group delegation. Each of the Privileged Bodies delivered an address, paying tribute to Queen Elizabeth II and to the King. 

‘Much has changed since the Privileged Bodies and Corporations of the United Kingdom last gathered over a decade ago,’ said King Charles in a speech.

‘Whether in the fields of education, science or the arts, or whether as representatives of the faith communities or of civic organisations, you advance our knowledge and our understanding of how we relate to each other and the world about us. You underpin the very foundations upon which our country is built and help to construct a framework of excellence and achievement within which our civil society functions and our national narrative can be formed.

‘In doing so, you are admired around the world for your contributions to public life. You remind us of an essential truth – that a nation’s wealth and strength can be found, beyond the size of its economy or its place in the geopolitical landscape, in the values that it embodies – mutual respect, diversity, tolerance, fairness and friendship.’

The TC spoke with the King at the reception afterwards, assuring him of the prayers of Salvationists, to which he replied: ‘That’s good – I need that!’ 

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Ivan Radford

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