20 September 2022

The Queue: A reflection

Commissioner Keith Banks

People queuing outside

Commissioner Keith Banks shares a prose reflection on the queue to see Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II lying in state.

Time matters not to those who stand and queue, for deep within their heart and running through their veins is blood that, kindled by desire, is driving them, as if pursued by fire.

This is an urge, an inner drive to show a depth of love that springs from depths of woe. And, thus compelled, one thing alone they do: detached from time and task, they stand and queue.

A willingness to wait for hour on hour is surely seeded by an inner power. A need to honour greatness wells within; allegiance and respect will always win. The sacred moments are serene and slow as silently they come, to quickly go. With muted mouths the stillness is breathed in and heads are bowed before their sovereign.

And those who follow Jesus – King of kings – will know so well the meaning of these things; the same deep longings rise within the soul to worship Christ, his majesty extol. To bow the head in wonder and in praise, look on in awe and marvel at his ways. Their deep devotion, bright with love, they bring and winter, imperceptibly, is spring.

So touch us, Lord, that humbly we might grasp the meaning of an even nobler task; a need to think of ever higher things, and let our hearts rise up on sacred wings to come before your throne and, kneeling down, set eyes upon your radiance and your crown.

There is no greater thing that we could do. And so, in reverence, we join the queue.

Written by

Commissioner Keith Banks

Commissioner Keith Banks

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