2 May 2022

Selling the Army's papers: 'It is a privilege to represent the Army and the Lord'

Dennis Cooper

Dennis Cooper
Dennis Cooper
Dennis Cooper (Stockport Heaton Norris), who has received a certificate of appreciation for his ministry, shares his experience of selling Army papers and being a witness for Christ.

In 2016 I became a soldier and was able to go out with the War Cry, taking the Church on to the streets. I enclose a gospel tract in every copy and trust in the Lord that some of the seed I scatter will fall on fertile soil.

A regular group of people who donate and take a War Cry has developed over the years. During the worst of the Covid-19 pandemic this work was halted but, when I was able to resume it, I found that many people had noted my absence and welcomed me back.

The people of Marple are very supportive of the Army. I have lost count of the number of people who tell me they were born in the Army hospital in Ancoats, Manchester, before the formation of the NHS in 1948.

One man was quite emotional as he told me, ‘My father would have been dead on the streets of London if The Salvation Army hadn’t found him.’

Lots of people have fond memories of wartime grandparents being helped or being given a cup of tea by the Army. They have usually been given strict instructions not to walk past without giving something! I find this very touching.

Herald ministry is not for everyone. It can get cold standing about for two hours. However, I know the Lord has called me to do this. When you consider him hanging on the cross, is a couple of hours’ mild discomfort too much to bear?

It is a privilege to represent the Army and the Lord. My prayer is that the Lord will take what little I can offer and use to his glory.

Testimony by

Dennis Cooper

Dennis Cooper

Stockport Heaton Norris

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