24 February 2023

A letter from the TC in Eastern Europe: Praying for peace

Colonel Kelvin Pethybridge

A Salvation Army volunteer in Romania

One year on from the start of the war between Russia and Ukraine, Territorial Commander of the Eastern Europe Territory Colonel Kelvin Pethybridge shares a letter of thanks.

On 24 February 2022, the war between Russia and Ukraine began.

At first the world was shocked and in the Eastern Europe Territory we scrambled to meet an enormous humanitarian crisis as people fled the violence.

After 12 months of war, we have much more structure in place in the Eastern Europe Territory to deal with the crisis and, as time has gone by, we have also come to terms with our new reality.

As a consequence, we have found ways to live and minister throughout Eastern Europe while recognising the cost associated with the ongoing tension created in many countries by our ‘neighbourhood dispute’.

As I reflect on the past 12 months, there have been some very sad and challenging days, but I must also testify that these days have also been accompanied by a deepened awareness of God’s provision and protection for his people. There have been many people praying for us right around the world and, as a result, there are many amazing stories of faith and courage that have come out of this terrible situation.

Since March 2022, over $7 million USD has flowed through the Eastern Europe Territory in the form of emergency projects. This figure represents a host of Ukrainians who have been served in the name of Jesus.

We are very grateful for your territory’s support and the support we have received from IHQ. Without your financial and prayer support our response would have been most challenging.

We are very much aware that IHQ has called the international Army to prayer for the High Council, but we have asked our corps across the Eastern Europe Territory to pray for Ukraine this Sunday (26 February). Territorial President of Women’s Ministries Colonel Cheralynne Pethybridge has drawn together some resources for people to use. One is a story from Captain Daniil Lukin, the corps officer in Lviv, and the other is from Natalia Rak, the corps leader in Dnipro. They are very moving accounts of life in Ukraine in the past 12 months.

Once again, thank you for your support and please join with us in praying for the war to end and peace to return to Ukraine and its people.

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A photo of Colonel Kelvin Pethybridge.

Colonel Kelvin Pethybridge

Territorial Commander, Eastern Europe Territory

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