19 October 2022

William Booth College: Changes that have already begun

Lieut-Colonel Judith Payne

Principal Lieut-Colonel Judith Payne continues her series sharing the exciting changes that have already begun to unfold at William Booth College.

The thing that drives everything we do at William Booth College is equipping God’s people for works of service. Over the past 20 years or so, the work of the college has broadened.

As well as being responsible for the initial training of Salvation Army officers, the college also consists of the School for In-Service Training and Development (SISTAD). Its work includes providing and co-ordinating learning and development opportunities for employees, officers and Salvationists in a wide variety of areas including professional qualifications, theology, leadership skills and the tools they need to perform their roles effectively.

We also have the Candidates Unit, which is responsible for the initial screening and assessment of those who wish to be officers or territorial envoys. And the Business Services Unit, which ensures the campus is a welcoming, safe and hospitable resource.

These different elements of the one William Booth College have worked together to mutually support the territory in its mission. Now, after much prayer, reflection and planning, the principals and directors of WBC believe that further and more effective collaboration of these teams can help enhance the way the college works together and, in turn, the support it can offer to the territory.

Increased integration within WBC will involve forming new units which will pull together staff and functions from across the current college structure into new teams that will help support the increasingly complex nature of the Army’s learning and development needs. As of September 2022, the first of these units came into being.

The Unit for Foundational Learning, for officers and employed spiritual leaders, is responsible for the initial foundational learning for cadets as they prepare for commissioning and officership. Its remit also includes the foundational learning for territorial envoys, pioneer leaders and other employed spiritual leaders.

Next, the Unit for Higher Education administers and gives oversight to accredited programmes for theology, mission and ministry, which the college offers. In addition to degree programmes and the diploma that many cadets undertake, it is also developing a new certificate for employed spiritual leaders, which we will let you know about soon.

Additionally, we have appointed a spiritual life director who is supporting the spiritual formation of the whole college community, as well as exploring ways in which WBC can support the spiritual life of the territory and the mission of the college in the local community and beyond.

These teams have already begun working together, and we’re all excited about the plans that are unfolding.

  • Next week: the future of William Booth College

Written by

Lieut-Colonel Judith Payne

Lieut-Colonel Judith Payne

Principal, William Booth College

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