Day 1: Starting a new adventure (1874)

18 June 2024

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Join with Salvationists of the Wales Division for Day 1 of 150 days of prayer.

  • ‘The Lord takes care of people who respect him’ (Psalm 1:6 EasyEnglish Bible).


The Christian Mission Magazine reported on the opening of a ‘branch mission’ in Cardiff: 

For some months a few friends deeply concerned for the spiritual welfare of the unsaved masses in this important town have been stretching out their hands, and crying, “Come over and help us.”

‘In the autumn, when spending a few days in the hospitable home of a dear friend in this town, we were urged to undertake the oversight of a mission there. We hesitated. There were many difficulties in the way – difficulties at first sight almost insurmountable. Our friends at Limehouse have consented to give up Brother Allen, and on Sunday November 15th, he opened his commission. 

‘We should say here that the Gospel Hall has been fully and freely given for the services of the mission by the trustees… It had recently been purchased for gospel use by John Cory Esq, who will be delighted for it to become the birthplace of multitudes of souls… Will our friends and readers, for the next month at least, pray specially for a mighty blessing on Cardiff?’

A photo of John Cory in black and white
John Cory

Six months later the magazine recorded the story of one couple who were examples of many people in Cardiff who found Jesus as Saviour:

‘A man and his wife were present who had lived in sin for a long time. While I was preaching, they felt as though they would drop into Hell at the close. I spoke to the woman, and at once she gave up to Jesus. I then asked the man if he had peace. He said, “That is what I want. I am as miserable as I can be., to be out of Hell.” He then knelt down beside his wife and soon shouted, “I’ve got it.” Glory to God!’


  • Pray for the divisional headquarters team in Cardiff.
  • Reflecting the prayer request from 1874, ask especially for a mighty blessing on them all.

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