Day 4: Praying for street outreach (1877)

21 June 2024

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Join with Salvationists of the Wales Division for Day 4 of 150 days of prayer.

  • ‘The Lord is very kind to those who serve him. He has chosen them to belong to himself. So he listens when I pray to him’ (Psalm 4:3 EasyEnglish Bible). 


‘While conducting an open-air service in one of the worst streets in the town [Cardiff] one Sunday evening, a number of poor harlots, who came out to hear us, wept bitterly. One followed to the hall, where she confessed her sins and found the Saviour. The next night we held a meeting especially for their benefit… We succeeded in getting [three of] them in the temporary home at Llandaff but for the rest, poor things, we could do no more than commend them to God’s mercy and a cold world.

(The Christian Mission Magazine)


  • Pray for the work of street outreach teams across Wales, of whatever church or organisation.
  • Pray for those who are living and working on the streets, that there will be someone to help them in their time of need.

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