Musicians Day 2023

Book your place by 9 March

William Booth College, London


£15 including lunch

William Booth College, London


£15 including lunch

A collage of three photos: 1) A contemporary worship group rehearsing - there are people playing guitars and singing into microphones. 2) A brass band conductor wearing Salvation Army uniform. 3) A youth choir rehearsing.

A day of worship and conversation for Salvation Army musicians across the territory.

During March, the territory is delighted to be hosting a short visit from the New York Staff Band. The band will be visiting Sale, Birmingham Citadel and Norwich Citadel before a joint festival with International Staff Band at Regent Hall on Saturday 25 March.

In connection with this visit, Salvation Army musicians are invited to join in worship and conversation on Sunday 26 March. The Chief Secretary, Colonel Paul Main, will be leading the day, along with the New York Staff Band, the International Staff Band and the International Staff Songsters.

The day will start with worship at 10.30am, music will be provided over lunch, when there will also be time for conversation, and the day will end with a festival of music at 2.30pm.

Who's it for?

  • Anyone interested in Salvation Army music
  • Retired and current music leaders
  • People interested in being a music leader

Date and time

  • Sunday 26 March 2023
  • Arrival: from 9.30am
  • Worship: 10.30am
  • The day will end after a festival of music, which starts at 2.30pm


  • William Booth College, Champion Park, London SE5 8BQ


Booking close on Thursday 9 March.

The day costs £15 per person, including lunch.

Places are limited, so please complete the application form ASAP.

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Book your place by Thursday 9 March

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