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Core Recovery is a model of church that's very much part of The Salvation Army's DNA, having grown out of our work supporting people with addictions and its associated issues.

It is a simple way of doing church that strips things right back to the basics, looking at our spiritual journey and relationship with God as the total focus and central aspect of our thinking.

Although Core Recovery was initially designed for those in recovery, it has been recognised that the model has a much wider scope and is valid for a broader mix of people.

It is now an integral part of our Mission Service and is being explored in many Salvation Army settings and communities across the territory. 

We run virtual coffee mornings on the first Friday of the month and offer training opportunities.

Contact us to see how Core Recovery could be used as part of your local ministry. We'd be happy to meet online or in person.

Meet the team

  • Lynden Gibbs, Core Recovery Development Officer
  • Nicky Watson, Assistant Core Recovery Development Officer
  • Ali Raybould, Core Recovery Leadership Team (Scotland)
  • Paul Huggins, Core Recovery Leadership Team
  • Jill Miller, Prayer Team

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Major Lynden Gibbs and Major Nicky Watson help Simon Hope understand The Salvation Army’s Core Recovery model.

Connect with the team that oversees our Homlessness Services.

Supporting people within our church and communities who find themselves burdened with debt.

We work to support people that have lost contact with family members.

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