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Family Tracing Service

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We work to support people that have lost contact with family members.

Family tracing is an important part of our history – we’ve been helping family members reconcile lost relationships since 1885.

Today, reconciliation is recognised as a mission priority for The Salvation Army and family tracing is a powerful way we put our faith into action.

Signposting people to our service may provide them with an opportunity for reconciliation, so please tell your corps and community about our work.

We are keen to explore ways that we can work together to support people. Please get in touch to see how we can help or visit salvationarmy.org.uk/familytracing for more information about the application process.

Meet the team

  • Karen Wallace, Team Leader
  • Lorraine Phillips, Caseworker
  • Grace Neilson, Caseworker
  • William Harrington-Roberts, Caseworker

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Visit salvationarmy.org.uk for information about the application process.

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