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Anti-Trafficking and Modern Slavery Department

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Our vision is to bring an end to slavery, fight for social justice and respond with compassionate care. 

Centuries after slavery was officially abolished, thousands of people are still being exploited and sold as slaves. They can be forced to work in the sex trade, used as domestic slaves, exploited for labour or criminal activity, or have their organs removed to be sold.

The Anti-Trafficking and Modern Slavery Department exists to:

  • Prevent modern slavery and the trafficking of people
  • Protect individuals on their journey from victim to survivor
  • Progress the survivor’s journey to sustained freedom and communities’ resilience against trafficking

Our work

  • We provide specialist support to protect and care for all adult survivors of modern slavery in England and Wales through a government contract which was first awarded in 2011.
  • We partner with corps that offer space, resources and time to help survivors integrate back into community life. 
  • We provide volunteering opportunities for Salvationists and friends of The Salvation Army. Roles include first responders, transporting a survivor to a place of safety, mentoring, helping provide welcome packs for survivors when they arrive in our service, and assisting with activities in safe houses and outreach hubs.
  • We have a specialist international team that partners with Salvation Army territories across Africa, Europe, the South Pacific and East Asia on protection and prevention projects.
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For more information, visit salvationarmy.org.uk/spotthesigns

Helping survivors build a new life

Visit salvationarmy.org.uk for more information about our work.

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The Salvation Army is present in more than 130 countries and has made responding to modern slavery and human trafficking a global priority, building on a long history of working in this field. 

As Christians we are called by God to participate in God’s mission of love to the world. Human trafficking and modern slavery, as with other evils in the world, hinder and undermine our life together. We are called to resist evil in all its forms and to try to heal the suffering such evil causes.

We all need to take personal responsibility. Together we can speak out and be willing to stand in the gap between victims and those who have exploited them and created mistrust and fear. 

Meet the senior management team

  • Major Kathy Betteridge, Director
  • Major Heather Grinsted, Deputy Director
  • Ann-Marie Douglas, Contract Director
  • Rachel Boyes, Head of Integrated Mission
  • Ann Gregora, International Programme Co-ordinator
  • Emilie Martin, Head of Operations
  • Marc Nicolls, Partnership Manager
  • Martine Laffan-Butler, Contract Operations Manager

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