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Intercultural worship
Intercultural is a willingness to enter another person's culture as much as you want them to enter your own. It's about a willingness to be mutually inconvenienced.

When this happens we start to see a new picture emerge, which shines a bright light of hope in the community where people are in. 

Intercultural should not be seen as an ‘event’ once a year, or something some of us do, but rather it's who we are – journeying together, respecting each other's cultures, and starting to tangibly see the Kingdom now, right before our eyes – read Revelation 7

As so many towns, cities and suburban areas become far more culturally rich, we need to learn how we can live together and journey together in a way that celebrates diversity and unity.


As part of his role as the Intercultural Mission Enabler, Major Jonny Smith is dedicated to supporting people across the territory and enabling intercultural journeys.

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The Black Light Course explores the presence and contributions of black people in the Bible, in church history and in Britain today.

Major Jonny Smith says: 'This is a really good and insightful course for anyone who is really trying to go deeper on the journey towards understanding racial diversity and a more just and inclusive way.'

The Black Light Course

Gather to learn more about intercultural mission at the King's Park Conference Centre in Northampton.

A collection of posters and flyers translated in a number of languages that can be used in your corps or centre.